Refund Policy

We take pride in being able to provide top end services for our customers which is why we offer a 3 month money back guarantee policy. Our strategies and guides are set up in a way that anybody can follow and use to create an online brand with e-commerce and drop shipping. After 3 months of your paid Shopify plan (not the free trial), if you don't see any results in your store, we'll refund your $20 that you paid us!

You must be willing to show proof that you paid at least 3 months of your monthly Shopify subscription and you actively used the Shopify account for 3 months. You must also be actively implementing the strategies laid out by us in your e-commerce owners checklist as well as any guides or tutorials that we provide. We try our best to provide literally everything a business owner would need to be successful with their online business including top of the line tools and resources provided to you by our expert e-commerce coaches and digital marketing team.

Our strategies are proven to work and can be repeated successfully by anybody that is willing to complete the work, it is up to you as a business owner to complete the steps necessary to make your store successful. Please do not come to us in three months without your store live, or without having signed up for the Shopify basic account and without having run any marketing campaigns or paid ads to your store to drive traffic and ask for your money back. We want you to hold yourself accountable by ensuring that you are following the materials provided to you to the best of your abilities to become an expert in the e-commerce world and become successful with the materials provided to you.