20 Minute Shopify Affiliate Course

20 Minute Shopify Affiliate Course

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Get ready to add an additional stream of income with The Shopify Affiliate Course. In just 20 minutes, learn the secrets of how I earned over half a million dollars IN PROFIT with Shopify's affiliate partner program. With step-by-step instructions, a quick 20 minute video, and additional guides and digital marketing techniques this course will help you create your powerful and lucrative new stream of income.

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Get Started with Shopify Affiliate Marketing In 20 Minutes!

Start earning with Shopify in 20 minutes through a video course that teaches you everything A-Z about how to get started and earning through Shopify that has paid Alex over half a million dollars in the last year alone!

When you purchase our program, you immediately are partnering with 7 figure Founders who know exactly how to make you money!

Partner with the experts that brought you ghost commerce and get paid through our channel!

Earn Passive Income From Driving Traffic

Affiliate marketing is the easiest side hustle that can bring you a passive income stream or even replace your 9-5 by driving traffic and relying on high conversion rates to put money in your pocket!

When you purchase the 20 minute Shopify Affiliate marketing course, you will immediately learn how to sign up and drive traffic to start earning with Shopify directly. Alex teaches you exactly how he has made over half a million dollars in the last year through the Shopify Affiliate marketing program.


We provide you with everything you need to Fully Optimize & Scale your Shopify Affiliate Marketing Efforts & take out the guess work. Learn how we have made over half a million dollars through our Shopify Affiliate marketing course.

Our Shopify Affiliate Marketing Course comes with :

✓ 20 Minute Video Course That Teaches you Exactly How to Start Earning from Day 1

✓ An A-Z Guide to Scale Your Earnings

✓ Digital Marketing Guides to Make you an Expert with Social Media Ads

✓ Affiliate Marketing Guide - How To Boost What You Earn Through Social Media

The Secret Guide To Scaling TikTok Ads

 Branding Strategy & Tips from Expert Digital Marketers



($1999 VALUE)

✓ The Magic Story - The Secret to Online Sales Hidden in Plain Sight

 Magic Story Workbook - Create Your Own Magic Story to Start Selling Fast

✓ Branding Techniques & Strategy to Stand Out Amongst Your Competition

✓ Facebook & Instagram Ads - The Complete Guide to Maximize Your Returns

✓ Top Trending Affiliate Marketing Ideas and Products

✓ Best Performing Tactics Guaranteed to see results

Get Paid With Shopify Products

How do our Affiliate marketers scale their earnings to numbers like the ones we've seen here? Easy. We have the tools, information, & products that customers already need and purchase!

Our Affiliate marketing course provides you with the ability to access Shopify products and pays you out for every sale you make through the traffic you generate!

Our 20 minute crash course, A-Z Guide, The Complete Shopify Affiliate Marketing Success Guide Checklist, and trainings give you actionable deliverables to work with that will show you everything you need to know to set up a proper Affiliate Marketing Campaign.

Start earning from Day 1 with our Program and have an uncapped amount that you can earn through our program.

And the best part:

❌ No Website Required

❌ No Inventory

❌ No Coding Necessary

❌ No Long Courses

❌ No Product Purchases

❌ No Need to Run Ads

Start Earning With Affiliate Marketing in 20 Minutes!

When you join our Shopify Affiliate Marketing Course, you will immediately learn how to start earning off every sale you generate with Shopify and access to the products that we have used to generate over $500,000 in profit over the last year alone!

We will show you how to access the Shopify Affiliate Member Portal where you can keep track of all of your sales as well as see all of the incoming commissions.

No need to purchase inventory, and payments to you get documented as soon as a customer makes a purchase!

Learn The Basics & Start Earning

The Shopify affiliate marketing course provides you with affiliate marketing tactics and strategies that are easy to duplicate to keep your earnings coming. Our strategies teach you how to incentivize your customers, generate a new stream of income, & how to use affiliate marketing psychology to keep your customers hooked on your message to complete a purchase and keep coming back!

(And Yes, that 18.42% return customer rate is an actual screen shot from an actual store that we operate using these same strategies)



As soon as you make the purchase, you will be able to download all of the course work, guides, and products necessary to start earning with Shopify Affiliate Marketing.


Our Shopify Affiliate Marketing Course Bundle comes with :

✔️ 20 Minute Video Course That Teaches you Exactly How to Start Earning from Day 1

✔️ An A-Z Guide to Scale Your Earnings

✔️ Affiliate Marketing Guide - How To Boost What You Earn Through Social Media

✔️ The Secret Guide To Scaling TikTok Ads

✔️ The Magic Story - The Secret to Online Sales Hidden in Plain Sight

✔️ Branding Strategy & Tips from Expert Digital Marketers

✔️ Magic Story Workbook - Create Your Own Magic Story to Start Selling Fast


When you make a sale through the program, you will be paid through The Shopify Affiliate Marketing portal that will be able to track your earnings, show you analytics, and give you options on how you would like to receive your payments for safe and secure transactions.


We have a no BS money back guarantee. If you do not make any money from the program within the first 3 months following our guides, we will refund your money back.


When you purchase one of our products you automatically will start to receive our Weekly and Monthly Newsletters & Guides that contain Marketing, Advertising, and Branding materials. These guides are written by professionals in the industry doing at least seven figures in revenue and tell you EXACTLY how they scaled from 0 to Seven Figures.

These guides will go over everything marketing from set up & scaling, and how to start seeing results in little as one day! Normally these guides could sell for thousands of dollars, however, we're going to give you this absolutely free when you join our ghost commerce program.

Easy To Use Strategies & Practices

We'll provide you with a checklist of the best performing practices and what strategies work best with our quick 20 minute Shopify Affiliate Marketing Course. Our Experts that have done Millions in sales online and have curated the best performing strategies to push traffic and earn money with our program.

The strategies we show you are easy to replicate and are GUARANTEED to see results, or your money back!

There's no need to spend money on ads (unless you want to), and we'll even show you proven guaranteed ways to make organic sales through your channels without any additional cost to you!

Learn Best Practices From The Experts Who Created Ghost Commerce

Top performing strategies and guides available to help make you the most successful Shopify Affiliate Marketer.

Our program will guide you in customizing your strategies to stand out and convert visitors into customers faster, easier, and more reliably.

Start earning the very first day with our proven strategies!

Learn the Secrets on How to Sell ANYTHING Online In Our Course Bundle

Included in the Course Bundle is what we call "The Magic Story" - a quick story guidebook that teaches you the hidden secret to selling.

This concept is used by all the biggest companies in the world and has been passed down for generations.

You'll also be provided The Magic Story workbook which walks you through step by step to create your own "Magic Story" and will turn you into a Master Affiliate Marketer & Story teller.

The Magic Story is single handedly the reason Alex was able to make his FIRST Million Dollars Online.

Here are some of the Amazing Benefits to Shopify Affiliate Marketing:

✔️ No Inventory Purchases

✔️ No Long Shipping Times

✔️ No Paid Ads Necessary

✔️ Passive Income Opportunity

✔️ Unlimited Earning Potential

✔️ No Need to Have Your Own Website, Product, or Brand

Our Proven Shopify Affiliate Marketing Course is the Only Thing You Need to Optimize & Increase Your Earnings:

✓ Convert Viewers into Purchasers

✓ Done For You Fulfillment

✓ No Added Costs

✓ Money Back Guarantee

Included in Our Shopify Affiliate Course:

✓ Quick and Easy to follow 20 minute video course

✓ Unlimited Lifetime Access

✓ The Secret Guide to Scaling TikTok Ads

✓ Facebook & Instagram Ads - The Complete Guide

✓ Bundle Bonus: The Magic Story & Workbook

✓ Bundle Bonus For a Limited Time: How To Boost What You Earn Through Social Media -
Social Media Marketing, Advertising Marketing, & Branding Strategy

Ready to Start?


I Still Don't Get it, What is Shopify Affiliate Marketing?

Shopify Affiliate marketing is an easy solution for anybody looking for their next side hustle that can be scaled as large as you want.

Typical e-commerce businesses require you to have your own products, suppliers, website, branding, and fulfillment. With Shopify Affiliate Marketing, you're relying on an already operating business with all of these in place already, and driving traffic to their products in return for a split of the proceeds.

You don't need experience in e-commerce, website building, or marketing. In fact, the only thing you really do need is a phone or device that has access to the internet, social media, and you can start earning money with Shopify very quickly.

What Will I Learn in the Course?

You will learn how to sign up for the Shopify Affiliate Program, drive traffic, create effective marketing campaigns, and scale your earnings. The course includes a comprehensive A-Z guide and additional marketing resources that teaches you the same strategies that we've used to earn over half a million dollars over the last year in commissions.

Do I Need Any Prior Experience or Additional Resources?

No prior experience, website, inventory, or coding is required. The course is designed for beginners and provides all the necessary tools to start earning immediately.

What Makes Your Products Different?

Experience! Our founders have spent millions in testing e-commerce stores, ad strategy, branding strategy, conversion techniques, and optimization. We have all the data that has proven what works and what doesn't with e-commerce, and we want to share that with you to help you scale your ghost commerce earnings to new heights!

What Bonuses are Included with the Course?

The course includes additional bonuses such as guerrilla marketing training, branding techniques, monthly affiliate marketing ideas, and a complete Facebook & Instagram ads guide.

What if I Want to Sell My Own Products

You can definitely sell your own products, and we even sell premium e-commerce stores on our website for people that would rather start their own websites! Just keep in mind that with your own business you have to purchase inventory, source products, do all of the marketing, branding, and website building.

Our Shopify Affiliate Marketing Course is an easy and quick alternative to generating a whole new line of income online for everyone. You can start earning from the first day you start driving traffic to Shopify products!

Do You Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! If you do not see results with our strategies and guides, we have a full refund policy in place.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply purchase the course from the website, and you will receive instant access to all the materials and resources needed to start your affiliate marketing journey.

For more details, visit the course page.

À propos de nous

Alex K. - Fondateur

Alex est un entrepreneur en série qui a créé de nombreuses entreprises à 6 et 7 chiffres en ligne en utilisant Shopify, Clickfunnels et d'autres marchés en ligne. Son succès vient de l'étude et de l'application des techniques de marketing numérique qu'il a maîtrisées et enseignées à ses étudiants et clients au cours des 10 dernières années. Avec plus de 200 000 abonnés sur tous les canaux, Alex a rassemblé un public de masse qui compte sur lui pour son expertise dans son domaine.

TheEcomStore est le premier du genre et le guichet unique ORIGINAL pour tout ce qui concerne le commerce électronique. De l'étiquetage blanc et de la vente en gros au dropshipping et à l'arbitrage en ligne, TheEcomStore est un fier partenaire Shopify qui aide à créer et à faire évoluer les marques et les sites Web des propriétaires de commerce électronique vers de nouveaux sommets.

Plusieurs de nos magasins Shopify se sont classés dans le top 1 % de tous les magasins Shopify en termes de visites et de conversions. En utilisant les mêmes pratiques que celles fournies dans notre service Done for you, nos magasins ont généré plus de six chiffres en un seul mois.

Que vous souhaitiez vendre un produit ou un service, Alex et son équipe ont des années de recherche et de développement dans l'espace Web en ligne et peuvent vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs. Du revenu passif aux marques à 8 chiffres, TheEcomStore peut vous fournir du marketing, de l'image de marque, de l'achat de médias, de la création de contenu et bien plus encore.

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter ci-dessous pour tout autre besoin que vous pourriez avoir et un membre de notre équipe organisera un appel de consultation dans les meilleurs délais.

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  • Ahmad S.

    I was already selling on Shopify, but I'm glad I bought the services through Alex, I've been able to scale numerous online stores because of him.

  • Derek P.

    The best in the business hands down! Best purchase I've ever made. No BS, just results.

  • Anthony M.

    I've wanted to get into dropshipping and e-commerce for a long time. These guys made is so easy to set up and start making money online!

  • Marcus E.

    I was able to build a six figure store in less than a few months because of the services that The Ecom Store provided for me.

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